Mission and Values

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Al-Mosheer Security Services is part of the Al-Mosheer International Group (MIG). The Group was established over a decade ago, as a Saudi company with its subsidiaries dealing in diverse industries throughout the kingdom, such as General Trading, Security Services, General Contracting and Construction, Clothing Production and more...

The Group offers its customers cutting-edge technology products and services in leading and major industries like military, oil, security, clothing, construction, trading, etc…some of its clients are the Saudi Military Forces, the Saudi Anti-Drug unit, the Special Forces for Emergency Security,
the Saudi Royal Naval Forces, the Civil Defense, ARAMCO, as well as several hotels and malls.
At the heel of the Group's success, Al-Mosheer Security Services was established in 1421 Hijri, 1999 AD, as one of Saudi Arabia's "One Stop Security Shop" to provide superior solutions, to offer employment opportunities to young Saudis, and to contribute in setting national benchmarks
for this industry.

Al-Mosheer relies on its management's and security teams' extensive business knowledge, security backgrounds and in-depth field expertise to offer its customers the security solutions capable of safeguarding their well being and assets. Because of the company's team spirit, participatory
management and employment benefits, it enjoys a high rate of staff retention. The team feels increasingly empowered, motivated and committed to ensuring customers' safety, security and comfort.

Whether in the field, on special projects or in the community, Al-Mosheer staff carry-out their responsibilities with pride, professionalism and integrity. Their effective responsiveness gives customers and people around, young and old, a real sense of safety and protection.

Our people's expertise, commitment, innovation and understanding of cultural diversity, laws and business practices, are the pillars of our continued success in helping customers achieve their objectives, wherever they are in the kingdom.