23 July 2016
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Providing highly-reliable, value-added security guard services is the heart of what we do at Al Mosheer. Al Mosheer’s core business, 


uniformed security guard services, is a far cry from the stereotypic “sleeping badge.” Al Mosheer guards are scrupulously-screened, highly-trained individuals worthy of the term security officer.

Over the years, Al Mosheer has created a detailed profile of the qualities that are needed in an effective security guard. They can be summarized in four words: Honesty, diligence, leadership and helpfulness.


Al Mosheer security guards are trustworthy professionals who will not withhold information or hide improprieties. They see the big picture — that disregarding rules or ignoring protocol ultimately endangers everyone.


Al Mosheer security personnel are natural observers who are constantly assessing their situation. They are the type of people who “don’t miss a trick,” possessing excellent recall and attention to detail.


An effective security guard must have a level of personal presence that commands respect. This quality is not dependent upon a person’s age or physical stature, but is an intangible trait that we look for in all Al Mosheer guard candidates.


In order to be an effective security guard, the hard qualities of honesty, diligence, and leadership need to be matched with this fourth soft attribute. A sincere, caring security guard — one that is liked as well as respected — has the power to inspire others to “take the high road” — turning employees and even visitors into effective safety ambassadors.

Al Mosheer Tailors Each Job to our Client’s Specific Needs

We will develop an in-depth security service plan and work with your management team to best define what security goals your company wants to accomplish. We will develop a personalized Standard Operation Procedure that is tailored to your company and specific work site. We can add or remove services, technology or man-hours as your company sees fit. Call us today, to see how Al Mosheer can protect your company.


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The Al-Mosheer Security Guard is a national organization that considers clients' safety and security its highest priority. We provide our customers superior and comprehensive solutions, as will as cutting-edge technology products and methods that promote safe working and living environments, to fulfill their security needs and objectives. We are committed to deliver the finest services to our clients and communities, with professionalism, integrity and effective responsiveness.

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