AL MOSHEER is experienced and well versed in the procedures associated with crossing guard services. We have a high standard for what our School Safety program should project both to the client and to the public.

Developing a safe and secure environment for a commercial or residential property is the responsibility of the entire community. These facilities must be vigilant in providing security on their properties. 

AL MOSHEER offers expert retail security services to shopping centers, malls, lifestyle centers, and more. n expert in handling the unique challenges of your industry… We are your shopping center/ retail security specialist.

Manufacturing firms have become a major target of theft, vandalism, management-labor-related disputes, property damage, equipment and product tampering, and litigation. 

While Al Mosheer customizes each security services contract to our clients’ specific needs, Al Mosheer security guards typically provide several value-added services in addition to their general security guard duties. 

وتشمل خدماتنا العديد من العقود وموظفين مدربين على تقديم هذه الخدمات ذات القيمة المضافة:

AL MOSHEER Provides Security Officers to more than 200 Public and Private Sector Clients

Al Mosheer offers a broad range of on-board and shore-side maritime security services to port maritime and cruise line clients, all based on rigorous training and deep knowledge of this unique environment. Key to these activities is the partnership with our clients and the training of client staff to form an integral part of the assets protection team.

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The Al-Mosheer Security Guard is a national organization that considers clients' safety and security its highest priority. We provide our customers superior and comprehensive solutions, as will as cutting-edge technology products and methods that promote safe working and living environments, to fulfill their security needs and objectives. We are committed to deliver the finest services to our clients and communities, with professionalism, integrity and effective responsiveness.

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