Al-Mosheer management believes that the company is only as good as its people. Our people are

our greatest asset; that is why we invest in the advancement of their knowledge, skills and careers.

Our participatory management approach fosters leadership, commitment and innovation. We also

ensure a healthy work environment that motivates them and reinforces their commitment and

dedication to the work values, responsibilities and mission of the organization. In addition, we offer

employment benefits that allow a dignified life style, which makes Al-Mosheer more then just a

work place for its staff, but an organization where they belong, learn and innovate.

Recruitment and Employment Process

Al-Mosheer has established a rigorous and elaborate recruitment process to ensure that the

staff identification and selection complies with the set qualifications and criteria of the organization.

Emphasis is placed on competence, expertise, communication skills, abilities to deal with

high stress and critical situations, as well as an understanding of diversity and cultural sensitivity.

Al-Mosheer is an equal opportunity employer; it employs experienced security officers with

military background, and provides job opportunities to young Saudis. Background checks and

screening of applicants are mandatory to ensure that selected staff are highly qualified and their

views are compatible with Al-Mosheer's core values and vision.

All security staff are required to take a number of certified training courses, based on their

specialty and job requirements. The training is rigorous and includes cutting-edge security

techniques and technologies provided by American and European international academies,

and by the National Police and Civil Defense.

Staff annual performance assessment is conducted by the management with input from

customers, to ensure performance enhancement is addressed and achieved


Al-Mosheer participatory management approach and high employment standards have gained

them a good reputation in the security industry. This also attracted and retained a lot of talents

and experienced security people. Staff operation is based on state of the art security and communications

equipment, using latest technologies and techniques of coordination and monitoring to ensure superior quality

responsiveness and fulfill clients' security needs. Staff placement and responsibilities are based on their

qualifications, skills and customers' requirements. Random management checks of sites and projects take

place periodically to ensure full compliance and implementation.

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The Al-Mosheer Security Guard is a national organization that considers clients' safety and security its highest priority. We provide our customers superior and comprehensive solutions, as will as cutting-edge technology products and methods that promote safe working and living environments, to fulfill their security needs and objectives. We are committed to deliver the finest services to our clients and communities, with professionalism, integrity and effective responsiveness.

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